Brewing Up Something Special

Order a "Balashi cocktail" in Aruba only if you want to receive a glass of water. That’s because the water purification plant is in Balashi. And don’t be afraid to drink the water: it’s safe and delicious and made from desalinated seawater. But since the advent of the beer called Balashi—the only beer in the world made from desalinated seawater—you might confuse a barkeep if you order just a "Balashi." The brewery has regularly scheduled tours should you want to see how it’s made, and they also have a great beer garden and lunch spot. They are making a second type of beer there now: Balashi Chill. It’s best enjoyed with a wedge of lime in the neck like many Mexican beers. Simply order a "Chill," and most barkeeps on the island will understand.

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