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New Zealand Is Forcing These Tourists out Because They’re Awful

Not even one month into 2019 and we may have already found the worst tourists of the year.

Let me tell you a tale about a family of tourists in New Zealand. This family is not liked at the moment. In fact, they’re so disliked, they’re being kicked out. Why? Because they cause chaos.

In the last couple of weeks, this family has been wreaking havoc across the country and its citizens are not having it. The mother (who has allegedly been seen in a unicorn onesie), her husband, and their kids have been accused of the following:

They stole a Christmas tree.

That’s right. On December 7, two children from the family allegedly stole a tiny Christmas tree from a store in north Auckland, New Zealand.

They polluted an Auckland beach.

The group, who described themselves as “Irish and not English” to onlooker Krista Curnow, left all sorts of trash at Takapuna Beach Sunday. Curnow recorded two videos of them at the beach and posted it to Facebook; both videos have racked up more than 500,000 views.

They have been accused of leaving behind a onesie full of feces on a plane.

A man who claims to have been seated next to the family on a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Auckland on January 11 said the travelers were unruly and caused delays. He told the New Zealand Herald that the children were walking up and down the aisles, shouting and leaning against passengers. “After leaving the plane they even left one of her [their baby’s] suits in the overhead that we think had actual poop left in it, because it smelt like death,” he said.

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They’ve stolen Red Bull, rope, and sunglasses.

On Wednesday, a woman in the group, 26-year-old Tina Maria Cash, pleaded guilty to stealing the above-mentioned items from a gas station. Combined, the items are worth NZ$55.20 ($37.35).

NZ police

They caused trouble at a Burger King.

Police and immigration officers were called to a Burger King Tuesday evening after reports surfaced that the family was involved in some sort of incident with the restaurant’s staff members.

They claimed to find gross things in their food at a restaurant to avoid paying the bill (twice).

On January 3 and January 5, the family was accused of finishing meals at Backyard Bar & Restaurant and then pointing out to the staff that they found hair or bugs in the meals and refused to pay.

Authorities have now revoked the family’s temporary visas, and are giving them 28 days to vacate the country. The family can legally appeal the decision in that amount of time if they choose to do so.

In an interview with the New Zealand Herald, a man in the group said his name was “John Johnson” and claimed his grandfather was the “tenth-richest man in England.”

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