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French Polynesia is on the world professional surfing tour, and the outer reefs of Raiatea and Tahaa are regarded, at times, as simply stunning. The numerous passes from the lagoon to the ocean are the best spots, but locations vary with weather and swells.

Windsurfing is expensive in Raiatea, mainly because of the high insurance rates and potential lawsuits. The lagoon between Raiatea and Tahaa is regarded as an excellent location, but you must bring your own gear. Somewhat paradoxically, the sport of kite boarding (or fly surfing, as the French call it) is popular in Raiatea—and to the casual observer it may seem a great deal riskier than windsurfing. Riders, atop a small surfboard, are hauled along by a large kite, often at great speeds. Experts can perform jumps, leaps, and even somersaults, making for spectacular viewing. More sedate sailing is readily available, and the world's largest sailboat charter company, The Moorings, has long had a base at Raiatea.

Bill fishing (or sportfishing) is popular in the waters outside the reef; most professional fishing charters are based out of Uturoa.


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