Tahiti Nui

Tahiti belongs to the Society Archipelago located in the western half of French Polynesia. Its nearest neighbors are Moorea, 19 km (12 mi) to the northwest, and Tetiaroa 48 km (30 mi) due north. The airport, the capital Pape'ete, and the cruise and ferry ports are all in the northwest. The six resorts are on the northwest coast, all within 9 km (6 mi) of the airport. Most pensions are in the city or on the west coast; the exception is Le Relais de la Maroto in the center of the island.


Pape'ete is in the northwest corner of Tahiti, facing the Sea of the Moon and the island of Moorea. Most attractions—including Place Vaiete, the town's center; the cruise and ferry ports; tourist office; and shops—are located along Boulevard Pomare, the town's main road that runs for about 3 km (2 mi) along the waterfront. Pape'ete Market (Le Marche) is two blocks behind the tourist office.

Tahiti Iti

This peninsula to the southeast of Tahiti Nui is joined to the main island at Taravao by an isthmus. It has a circumference of about 64 km (40 mi); however, there is no car access to the remote east coast. The legendary surf break, Teahupoo, is on the south coast; Mt. Roniu (4,340 feet [1,223 meters]) is in the center. Seven villages, each with at least one pension, dot the island.

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