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Huahine Sports & Activities

There's a wide variety of activities on Huahine from the classic lagoon excursion—complete with snorkeling, shark feeding, and motu picnics—to hilltop trekking along marae trails. You can swim with your horse in Lake Fake Fauna Nui, dive in eight different sites, relax on a sunset cruise, Jet Ski over the lagoon, or hire a boat and go fishing. You can find the operators on Fare Quay, unless otherwise noted.

4WD Tours

Huahine Explorer. Three eight-seat Land Rovers take folks on half-day tours of both islands visiting marae, vanilla plantations, and local...


Huahine Lagoon. You can rent bikes for a few hours or the whole day (eight hours); a half day (four hours) is 600 CFP. You can rent kayaks...

Boating & Sailing

Huahine Lagoon. Canoes and speedboats (no license is needed to rent) are available for two-, four-, and eight-hour periods. Speedboat costs...

Diving & Snorkeling

Mahana Dive. You can choose from eight sites around both Huahine Nui and Iti including Avapeihi Pass (which connects the ocean with the lagoon...


Huahine Randonnees. This company provides archaeological trips to important sites on Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti for a fascinating look at...

Horseback Riding

La Petite Ferme. La Petite Ferm, or "little farm," is also a pension with several Marquesan horses, known for their strong but gentle nature...

Lagoon Excursions

Huahine Nautique. Huahine Nautique seems to have the lagoon covered. There's a full-day circle island tour by boat with ray and shark feeding...


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