Touring Tips

Hotels, restaurants, and tourist outlets don't have street addresses and are usually listed as being in such-and-such a town. Often the address is given as so many kilometers (km) from the nearest town, such as PK 10, which means 10 km from Vaitape (which is located at PK0). Sounds simple, but it can be complicated because some distances are given for the north section of the 32-km coastal road and some are given for the south section. It's best to ask for directions at the tourism office or your hotel desk.

Most transfers in Bora Bora are by boat and you'll spend a lot of time on water going from hotel to restaurant, hotel to town, and hotel to tourist attraction or activity. Most restaurants, and at least one car hire company, provide free boat and boat/land transfers for people using their services. If you get seasick, make sure you've got Dramamine.

Whatever you desire to do on Bora Bora, the tourist office in Vaitape or your hotel tour desk can arrange it for you. Just ask.

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