Savusavu is flanked by a huge bay teeming with fish and striking mountain ranges, clad in ancient jungle greenery. Rich in sandalwood, beche-de-mer (the sea slugs–-or sea cucumbers–-on the bottom of lagoons), and copra, Savusavu was a popular port in the sailing ship days of the 19th century. Copra, which is the dried meat or kernel of cut coconuts (from which coconut oil is pressed) remained the region's main revenue crop throughout much of the 20th century. A number of foreign- and locally owned properties are available to rent, ranging from small cottages to large, hillside luxury retreats. Most are a short way from the town, which has a modest but sufficient number of grocery stores, shops, and restaurants. Being one of the world's top scuba diving destinations, a number of resorts focus on diving and taking their guests to the iconic Great White Wall and Rainbow Reef dive sites.

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