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When the first resorts were built on Taveuni, developers were limited in the size of the resorts they could build owing to the difficulty of procuring materials so far from the mainland. This proved a blessing in disguise as intimate boutique resorts–-targeting the U.S. market in particular–-are now the region's trademark. The island also has a wealth of self-contained rental cottages, the most modest of which have fantastic cliff-edge views. These, combined with the first-rate attractions of the national park, make for a rewarding independent holiday.

Honeymooners and couples seeking space and privacy as well as a highly personalized experience will find the off-shore islands and Matei-area resorts have their interests at heart. The top resorts cater strongly to the U.S. market with luxury amenities, relatively prompt service, and, in most cases, prices advertised in U.S. dollars. Virtually all Taveuni rates do not include government taxes of 19%.

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