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Resorts on the island range from basic to remote-chic and all are small and encourage swapping stories of the days' adventures between guests at meals. Each resort is keen on activity, with emphases on diving, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and often all of the above. At last count, there were a total of four televisions among the seven resorts recommended here. Divers may want to pick somewhere near the Great Astrolabe Reef. Those looking for luxury will find pleasing accommodations but should not expect sophisticated international cuisine. Partly based on principle and partly out of necessity, your resort will treat you to fruits and vegetables from organic gardens, solar power ... you might even see the term "free-range" vividly illustrated as you narrowly avoid stepping on a fresh-laid egg. Staff here are invariably friendly–-in some cases remarkably so, and management is often eager to get to know their guests.

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