Tips for Staying in Fiji

Avoid peak season (May through October). Rates are about 15% higher and accommodation tends to fill up quickly.

Book in advance. You may be traveling to remote areas where transport is primarily by boat (i.e., Kadavu). Booking in advance allows you and your hosts to plan for your arrivals and departures so you're not left stranded.

Walk-in deals exist. If you're not traveling during peak season, you could end up saving a lot of money by walking in and requesting rates and availability.

Use caution when booking online. A lot of the cheaper accommodations aren't familiar with the threat of identity fraud. Often complete credit card numbers are quoted back in email confirmations, or you'll see them displayed on your bill. If a credit card number is required for a reservation, request that the number isn't included in any of the paperwork.

Know the terminology. The term "guesthouse" is often used to describe a house of ill-repute, and "bure" can be anything from a traditional thatched house to a touristy imitation.

Consider your options. Decide ahead of time what you want from your Fijian holiday. Resorts are luxurious, but they're often self-contained. Remote bure can be romantic and isolated. Village stays are a wonderful cultural experience, but there's no relaxing beach time.

Do your research. covers places and experiences, accommodation and transport allowing searches by location and price point.

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