Perth's climate and its network of excellent trails make cycling a safe and enjoyable way to discover the city. But beware: summer temperatures can exceed 40°C (100°F) in the shade. A bicycle helmet is required by law, and carrying water is prudent. About Bike Hire, which rents bikes for A$10 an hour, A$24 a day, or A$64 a week, is open daily 9–5 with extended hours on weekends and in high season. Free brochures detailing trails, including stops at historic spots, are available from the Western Australia Visitor Centre.

About Bike Hire. Rent everything from regular bicycles to tandems, family quads, and caboose carriers for the kids. Helmets cost only A$1 and it's A$3 for child seats. The company also does drop-offs and pick-ups for those wanting to trail ride or venture further afield. Point Fraser Reserve, 305 Riverside Dr., East Perth, Perth, Western Australia. 08/9221–2665;

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