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Alpine National Park National Park

This national park covers three loosely connected areas in eastern Victoria, which follow the peaks of the Great Dividing Range. One of these areas, formerly Bogong National Park, contains some of the highest mountains on the continent. As such, it is a wintertime destination for skiers who flock to the resorts at Falls Creek, Mt. Hotham, and Dinner Plain.

The land around here is rich in history. "Bogong" is a word in the local Dhudhuroa language for "big moth," and it was to Mt. Bogong that local Indigenous tribes came each year after the winter thaw in search of bogong moths, considered a delicacy. They were eventually displaced by cattle ranchers who brought their cattle here to graze. The main townships in the area are Bright and Mount Beauty, both of which have visitor information centers.

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Alpine National Park
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