Great Hikes in Katoomba

Echo Point to Scenic Railway

In the 1930s, the Giant Staircase was hewn out of the cliff by teams of park rangers. The top of the steps are the Three Sisters Lookout and the walk down is very steep and narrow in places. It's difficult going but the views make it all worthwhile. Look out for the encouraging half-way sign. At the bottom, keep your eyes peeled for echidnas, brush-tailed and ring-tail possums, bandicoots, quolls, and grey-headed flying foxes. If you're keen for more exertion once you've reached the Railway, take the Furber Steps. It's a challenging but rewarding track that has great views of Katoomba Falls and Mt. Solitary across the valley.

Prince Henry Cliff Walk

If you prefer to hike in the mountains rather than along the forest floor, you'll enjoy this section of the Cliff Walk with superb vistas across the valley. From the Leura Cascades picnic area on Cliff Drive, the trail descends beside Leura Falls creek toward Bridal Veil Falls. Be sure to slow down and take in the great views over the Leura Forest. Continue on Prince Henry Drive; at Tarpeian Rock you can see Mt. Solitary. Keep going uphill toward Olympian Rock and Elysian Rock. From here, follow the cliff line to Millamurra and Tallawarra Lookouts. The last part of the climb to the Three Sisters is perhaps the most challenging but also the most rewarding. Take a few minutes and savor the sweeping views of the valley.

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Great Hikes in Katoomba

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Great Hikes in Katoomba

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