Great Hikes in Blackheath

Grand Canyon Walk

From the parking lot at Evans Lookout, 4.5 km (2.8 miles) from Blackheath, follow the Grand Canyon signs as the path zigzags down the hillside, and the vegetation becomes more like a rain forest. The trail takes you down into the canyon and over a creek. It winds past a few overhanging rocks, then starts a steep decline toward a sandy overhang called the Rotunda. After a break here, follow the signs to Evans Lookout, which leads you through a tunnel and past two waterfalls. You eventually reach the 33-foot Beauchamp Falls in the center of the creek. From here head up through a gap in the cliffs, weaving through boulders, again following signs to Evans Lookout. From Evans Lookout, you can follow a 6.5-km (4-mile) cliffside walk to Pulpit Rock along the Cliff Top Track. The entire loop is 6 km (3.75 miles) and takes around 3½ hours.

Perrys Lookdown to Blue Gum Forest

This is a hard, but rewarding, four-hour walk. From the Perry Lookdown parking lot (turn east into Hat Hill Road from the Great Western Highway at Blackheath), follow the signs pointing out the trail down the hill to Perrys Lookdown. You'll have fine views over the Grose Valley with its sheer sandstone cliffs with the Blue Gum Forest below. Next, head down the hill and do a quick detour to Docker's Lookout with its view of Mt. Banks to the north. Head back following the Perrys Lookdown-Blue Gum Forest walk signs. The descent to Blue Gum Forest will take about 90 minutes. Once you've explored the forest floor and its dense canopy, head back up the steep track to Perrys Lookdown.

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Great Hikes in Blackheath

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