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This Tiny Town in the Australian Outback Hosts the World’s Most Remote Music Festival


The tiny town of Birdsville, Australia, population 100, sits on a far-flung section of the outback, 12-hours from the nearest city. Temperatures in Birdsville can reach up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and yet the town attracts throngs of tourists in the thousands. What draws such huge crowds to this small desert town? Every year, the small town is home to the Big Red Bash, a music festival that attracts a sold-out crowd of more than 7,000 concertgoers. The festival, named for the 90-foot-high dune that looms just outside of town, launched in 2013 with only 600 attendees but exploded in popularity thanks to the event being touted as “the remotest music festival on earth.”

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