Top Reasons to Go

Make Underwater Friends: Pristine Ofu Beach’s water, home to more than 300 species of fish, are deep enough for excellent diving.

Dive in a Park: The National Park of American Samoa is the only American park south of the equator; hike in its rainforest before snorkeling and diving in its coral reefs.

Visit a Volcanic Island: This U.S. territory has five and, though there haven’t been eruptions in 100 years, they’re still worth a peek.

Take in a Cricket Match: The Samoan version of cricket—played here and on neighboring Samoa—employs the same bat and ball, but with different and often varying rules.

Eat Very Local: Eating is a beloved pastime on both Samoa and American Samoa; try fire-roasted coconut cream and taro leaves, breadfruit, and cooked green bananas.

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Top Reasons to Go

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Top Reasons to Go

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