Travel agencies and tourist cafés in Hanoi, such as Exo Travel and Handspan, can organize a variety of trips to the Northwest. One of the most popular is an overnight or two-night excursion to Mai Chau. On the very popular Mai Chau tour, you generally stay at the White Thai village where most of the homestays and guesthouses operate. Prices for this tour vary, but generally cost between 2,600,000d and 5,000,000d for the two-night version. Several tour operators conduct one- to seven-day hiking trips to Mount Fansipan and other areas around Sapa. The Fansipan trip costs around 1,300,000d for one person in a group trip of 15 people, getting correspondingly more expensive the fewer the hikers. The price includes food, tents, and tours of remote mountain villages.


Handspan Travel. A range of touring experiences are offered, including homestays combined with trekking, bicycle tours, and an eight-day north loop trip. Prices include accommodations, meals, transportation, English-speaking guides, and admission fees. 78 Ma May St., Sapa, Lao Cai. 024/3926–2828; From 3,310,000d.

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