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From Ho Chi Minh City, you can board buses for all major towns in the Mekong Delta at Mien Tay Bus Terminal (395 Kinh Duong Vuong, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District). More than 750 buses depart daily for Mekong Delta provinces, serving about 13,000 customers. Bus transportation is extremely cheap and usually quite comfortable. A one-way ticket to Can Tho, for example, will cost around 129,000d, while a one-way ticket to Ca Mau will cost around 200,000d. Be aware that there's usually no toilet on these buses, but most journeys include regular stops at tourist centers with food, drinks, and washrooms. Phuong Trang, sometimes known as Futa Buslines, has the most extensive network of routes through the Mekong Delta, with smaller companies, such as Hoang Vinh and Thanh Buoi, specializing in certain routes.

Bus Contacts

Hoang Vinh. 28/2241–6665; 299/362–7627; 91/215–8168.

Hung Cuong. 28/3857–2624.

Kumho Samco. Ca Mau, Ca Mau. 28/6291–5389; 277/395–9797; www.kumhosamco.com.vn.

Phuong Trang. Ho Chi Minh City. 028/8392–08559; www.futabuslines.com.vn.

Thanh Buoi. 028/3833–3999; thanhbuoi.com.vn.

VeXeRe. vexere.com.

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