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Natural Wonders: Northern Thailand is mountain country. Beyond Chiang Mai, the peaks rise to the borders of Myanmar and Laos, crisscrossed by deep valleys and fast-flowing rivers. National parks welcome hikers and campers to wild areas of outstanding natural beauty and hill tribe villages lost in time. At the southern edge of the region lie the ruins of Sukhothai, a cradle of Siamese civilization.

Shopping: The region is world famous for its silks, and the night markets of Mae Hong Son and Chiang Rai have an astonishing range of handicrafts, many of them from hill tribe villages.

Eating: Northern Thai cuisine is considered the country's tastiest. Chiang Rai and Pai have excellent restaurants, but even the simplest food stall can serve up delicious surprises.

Temples: The golden spires of thousands of temples dot the region. Each can tell you volumes about Buddhist faith and culture—particularly the haunted ruins of Sukhothai.

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