Getting Here and Around

The Maldives’ main gateway, Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, occupies its own island, half a mile and a short ride by ferry from the neighboring island and the capital city of Malé. While the city offers a stopover at the beginning or end of a trip, most people head straight for the more alluring resort islands. Reaching these usually involves a ride by boat (for nearby resorts), or a trip by seaplane for those further afield (try to get a window seat as the views are amazing). The price of these transfers is almost invariably built into the price of the package when you book. Once you arrive, most visitors are content to remain on the island where they are staying, but resorts have their own boats and can arrange transport to neighboring islands if needed. In Malé, you can charter a dhoni sailboat to nearby islands, but rather wait until you get to your resort and use one of theirs. The price depends on your negotiating skills, but can be arranged for around Rf1500 for a day.

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