The Most Unique Hotel Amenities in Tokyo

Paul Feinstein | June 29, 2018

Some hotels rise above the rest when it comes to services and amenities. But if you want to experience something truly unique, you’ll want to check out these Tokyo hotels with one-of-a-kind options to help make your stay more memorable.


Hotel New Otani Tokyo

Why it made the list

It may cost 5,000 Yen to get into the Golden Spa at this hotel, but once inside you’ll find a massive gym, massage rooms, tennis courts, an indoor pool, and even a driving range to keep up with your golf game!

Set on 20-acres, this massive complex has endless options fo Read More


Aman Tokyo

Why it made the list

The Japanese are known for their meticulous bathing rituals and at the Aman, you’re given a full tutorial. Head into the bathroom (where the floors are heated btw) and check out the traditional square-shaped tub. Here you’ll find a bathing etiquette manual along with an herb pouch and citrus to promote blood flow. Follow the instructions closely and be taken away to bathing heaven.

The Aman is a high-end urban sanctuary with minimal Japanese Read More


Palace Hotel Tokyo

Why it made the list

It’s a small thing, but with turndown service, you’ll notice a small package on your pillow. Upon closer inspection, it’s a gentle steam eye mask. What is a gentle steam eye mask, you ask? You open the package, place the mask over your eyes as it slowly warms up and helps encourage a proper night’s sleep. It really is quite lovely.

This hotel has a handsome, refined look that sets the stage Read More


The Prince Park Tower Tokyo

Why it made the list

If you want a little more recreation with your hotel stay, you might want to head to the basement of the Prince Park Tower where you’ll find their very own bowling alley. For kids, there’s also a giant arcade in the back to keep them busy while you roll those strikes.

The Prince Park Tower sits in the middle of Shiba Park, a hi Read More


Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi

Why it made the list

On rainy days, stick to your room and order up a movie. But not just any movie. The hotel has special 3-D TVs and glasses for you to enjoy the latest hits with the latest technology.

Though it's the smallest Four Seasons in the world, this hig Read More


Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

Why it made the list

Head into the locker rooms at the Andaz fitness area and you’ll find electronic massage chairs that will work out all those kinks. It’s way better than the short stints at your local Brookstone.

Simply stunning, this lifestyle boutique hotel is the hip an Read More


Tokyo Station Hotel

Why it made the list

While we’re on the topic of gyms, the Tokyo Station Hotel has a very special machine inside theirs. Step into the Oxygen Capsule and close the door. In just a few minutes, you’ll feel fully refreshed from the specialized air that’s designed to stimulate blood flow.

Originally built in 1914, this classic and refined hotel is Read More


Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

Why it made the list

Many hotels have the latest in fitness equipment. But only at the Mandarin Oriental will you find homemade energy bars designed by the brilliant chefs at the hotel.

With a focus on service, this luxury five-star spot will mak Read More


Grand Hyatt Tokyo at Roppongi Hills

Why it made the list

Dine at Keyakizaka, the hotel’s teppanyaki restaurant, where you’ll be treated to a totally unique brand of wagyu. The hotel owns a farm where they raise their own cattle and where the chef has perfected a particular type of feed that gives the beef a majestic flavor.

The Grand Hyatt is a modern luxury hotel in a perfectly loca Read More


The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo

Why it made the list

If you’ve been to Tokyo, then you know about the majesty of the Toto toilet. Seat warmers, built in bidets, etc. But the nicest feature at the Strings Intercontinental is the addition of a privacy button. Push this guy while taking your morning constitution and you’ll drown out any unwanted noises emanating from the bathroom. Unfortunately, it does nothing for the smell.

Strings Hotel is a modern mix of western and Japanese styles Read More

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