Top Reasons to Go Outside of Tokyo

Peer at Fuji: Climb Japan's tallest mountain or catch a glimpse of it from Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

Escape into rustic Japan: The endless modernity of Tokyo seems worlds away in Nikko, where the Tosho-gu area shrines and temples transport you centuries back into the country's past and the Kegon Falls just transport you.

Get into a Zen-like state: Kita-Kamakura is home to two preeminent Zen temples, Engaku and Kencho. In Hase, gaze on the Great Buddha or explore inside the giant statue.

Go to China without boarding a plane: In Yokohama, a port city, sample authentic Chinese goods, spices, and crafts in Chinatown. For a bit of whimsy and a great view, ride Yokohama’s Ferris wheel.

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