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Shikoku's narrow roads present challenges, but having your own transportation provides a priceless escape into the island's mountainous interior and secluded small towns. The rental-car service ToCoo has branches in all of Shikoku's airports and cities. You must have an international driving permit. Tourist information centers have good maps illustrating Shikoku's major roads and highways, and getting around is straightforward.

Fishing towns and rice-farming villages are all over the island. Although driving on expressways will save you a little time, if you stick to them you'll never see what life is like outside Shikoku's cities. Try the rewarding, easily navigable numbered prefectural routes. As a bonus, you'll also save on the exorbitant tolls.

If you’re planning to drive through the mountains, consider renting a "kei-car." These smaller vehicles, identifiable by their yellow license plates, are a bit slow on the expressways but are perfect for navigating narrow mountain roads.


ToCoo. 03/4455–7850;

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