Bus Travel

Highway buses operated by JR and Meitetsu connect Nagoya with major cities, including Tokyo and Kyoto. The fare is half that of the Shinkansen trains, but the journey takes three times longer.

City buses crisscross Nagoya, mostly running either north–south or east–west. The basic fare is ¥210—pay when you get on the bus. A one-day bus pass costs ¥600; a one-day pass for the Me-guru loop bus, which stops at many of Nagoya's attractions, is ¥500; and a combination bus-subway pass costs ¥850.

Detailed information on bus travel can be collected at the tourist information office in the center of Nagoya Station, and day passes and combination passes are available at ticket machines in bus terminals and subway stations.

Bus Contacts

JR Tokai Bus (JR東海バス). JR東海バス 052/563–0489; www.jrtbinm.co.jp/en.

Meitetsu Highway Bus (名鉄バス). 名鉄バス 052/582–0489; www.meitetsu-bus.co.jp.

Nagoya City Transportation Bureau (名古屋市交通局). 名古屋市交通局 052/522–0111; www.kotsu.city.nagoya.jp.

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