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Japanese Robot-Run Hotel Expands to New Locations

Robot Hotel

If you’re checking in at the Henn Na hotel in Sasebo, Nagasaki expect things to be a little … off. The Henn Na hotel (literally translated as “Weird Hotel”) more than lives up to its name with its staff made up primarily of robots (including a velociraptor-manned concierge desk). But the hotel isn’t just weird, it’s futuristic. It sports such space age-ready features as a face-recognition door-locking system and sensors that adjust room temperature according to body heat. The hotel has been so successful that its weirdness simply cannot be contained in one location. Two new locations are set to open in early 2017 with a possible third new location opening up in Bali, Indonesia. It’s easy to see how the ¥9,000 (about $90 USD) a night hotel has become so popular. Where else can you check in with the cast of Jurassic Park?

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