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Buses in Kyoto are quick, reliable, and punctual. Buses 100 and 101 connect all the major sightseeing spots. Pick up route maps at the Kyoto Tourist Information Center.

Within the city the fare is ¥230, which you pay when getting off the bus; outside the city limits the fare varies according to distance. Several special transportation passes are available: A one-day bus pass (ichinichi basu ken) for City Bus users costs ¥600 and may be purchased on the bus or at transportation kiosks. Another, more comprehensive day pass includes use of City Bus, Kyoto Bus, and the subway. It is called Kyoto Sightseeing One-Day Bus Pass (Kyoto kankō ichinichi basu ken) and costs ¥900 for adults and ¥600 for children. These passes as well as maps of bus and subway lines are available in Kyoto Station at kiosks and ticket vendors marked Kōtsū Annai (Transport Information); at the tourist information center mentioned above; at the Shijō Karasuma, Ōike-Karasuma, and Keihan subway stations; at Kitaōji Bus and Subway Terminal; and at major hotels. Integrated-circuit (IC) cards that resemble a credit card: Pasmo; Suica; ICOCA; PiTaPa, can now be used on most local trains and buses in Kyoto. ICOCA and PiTaPa are most often available in Kyoto and Osaka making travel much easier. One purchases them at a station or convenience store by putting ¥500 into a desginated IC machine. Along with the initial charge, one inserts enough money to cover a day or two, recharging when needed. The maximum that can be charged is ¥20,000. To use the card, just tap the screen at the turnstile when entering a station or getting off a bus, and the remaining amount will be shown on the screen. The card shows no identification so if you misplace or lose it you lose the remaining amount. If you are taking the bus (¥230) more than three times a day, the ¥600 one-day bus pass is more economical than an IC card which charges full fare each use. Trips to Uji, Ohara, and other outlying areas are not included in the one-day all-you-can-ride pass.

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