When to Go

High Season: November to late February

Goa's tourist season begins in November and peaks from the middle of December until after the New Year in January, when the skies are clear and parties are in overdrive. Anyone planning to visit over this time should prepare for sky-high lodging prices, and for beaches, hotels, and restaurants that are packed around the clock.

Low Season: May to October

It's wise to avoid Goa in the months of May and October, when it is oppressively hot and humid, and very unpleasant even for the locals. During the monsoon months, from June through September, most of Goa’s hotels, beach-shack restaurants, and bars shut down due to the torrential rains and strong winds; violent surf makes water sports impossible, and visitors will struggle to find places to dine that are open. Farther inland the forests are lush, as are the rice plantations, which lie near Goa's many rivers, and most of the larger hotels stay open—it's always worth asking for "monsoon specials" if you are headed to Goa at this time of year.

Shoulder Season: Late February to April

Those who visit in the early spring can still enjoy gorgeous weather and Goa's beauty without feeling as if they're just part of a crowd—and there's the added excitement of Carnival.

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