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‘Vertical Forest’ Towers to Be Built in Nanjing

vertical forest

The occupants of the forthcoming Nanjing Green Towers are more likely to glance outside to see gardeners instead of window washers. The Chinese city has made plans to move forward with the construction of two “vertical forests”—buildings with facades completely fortified with lush flora. The towers are expected to absorb 25 tons of carbon dioxide and produce 132 pounds of oxygen every year.

vertical forest

The “forest” will include 1,100 trees and 2,500 cascading plants and shrubs that will cover 65,000 square feet. The taller of the two towers will host offices, a museum, a green architecture school and a private club on the rooftop, while the second tower will be a Hyatt hotel.

vertical forest

Though the “vertical forests” will be the first of their kind in Asia, they aren’t the first time Chinese architecture has melded buildings with the natural world. The Sanya EDITION resort recently added “private ocean” to its list of amenities.

The towers are set to be completed in 2018.

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