Telephone rates in Zambia are much cheaper and more stable than those in Zimbabwe. Check numbers very carefully, as some are Zimbabwean mobile phones. Zambia and Zimbabwe now both have cell coverage, and there are certain areas where the networks overlap and mobile telephones work in both countries. If you have any trouble dialing a number, check with a hotel or restaurant owner, who should be able to advise you of the best and cheapest alternative. International roaming on your standard mobile phone is also an option, as coverage is quite extensive. Alternatively, you could purchase a local SIM card with pay-as-you-go fill-ups—this is probably your cheapest option. Pay phones aren’t an option, and the costs of all telephone calls out of the country can be exorbitant.

The country code for Zambia is 260.When dialing from abroad, drop the initial 0 from local area codes and cell-phone numbers. Note that all telephone numbers are listed as they’re dialed from the country that they’re in. Although the number for operator assistance is 100, you’ll be much better off asking your local lodge or restaurant manager for help.

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