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You'll find the ultimate in luxury at many of the safari camps, lodges, and coastal resorts and hotels. It’s highly recommended that you opt for a private camp or lodge if possible, because everything is usually included—lodging, transport to and from the lodge, meals, beverages (including excellent house wines), game drives, and other activities. Check in advance whether park fees are included in your rate, as these can get very expensive if you have to pay them daily. The southern safari circuit is cheaper in general, but you’ll need to factor in the cost of transport. Many lodges and hotels offer low-season rates. If you're opting for a private game lodge, find out whether they accept children (many specify only kids over 12), and stay a minimum of two nights, three if you can. If you're traveling to the more remote parks, allow for more time. Most lodges offer a laundry service to their guests and will launder everything except underwear because it’s against African culture. So remember to pack plenty of pairs or make sure those you do bring are quick dry so you can wash as you go. Most lodges will provide laundry detergent in your tent for this very purpose.

National park accommodations are few and very basic. Unless you’re a hardcore camper, it’s advised that you stick with another type of accommodation. It's essential to note that more often than not, there won’t be an elevator in your lodge—which are usually one story—and because of the rustic locations, accommodations aren’t wheelchair-friendly. You'll encounter lots of steps, rocky paths, dim lighting, and uneven ground.

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