Money Matters

The currency in use is the Seychelles rupee (Rs). The exchange rate was US$1 to Rs12.99 at the time of writing. Although tourist prices are often quoted in euros, you can always pay in rupees at the current exchange rate, and increasingly in U.S. dollars. ATMs (which accept foreign cards) are available at the airports, in Victoria, and scattered around the larger towns on all three main islands. The most reliable bank for foreign cards is MCB (Barclays also has ATMs, but some don’t accept foreign cards). Foreign exchange offices are fairly plentiful on Mahé, and exist on Praslin and La Digue in the touristy areas. Almost all hotels, restaurants, shops, and even small curio stalls take major credit cards, with a preference for Visa and MasterCard. Banks are open weekdays 8:30–2 and Saturday 9–11; they don’t close for lunch.

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