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The bus system in Mahé and Praslin is surprisingly good and cheap, saving you from needing to rent a car if you don't mind the usual vagaries of public transport. Destinations and routes are usually marked on the front of the bus (always double check with the driver). There’s a flat fee of 5 Seychelles rupees (Rs5; ) for any ride, or Rs10 on air-conditioned buses. Bus stops are painted on the road in places with no shoulder, or indicated by signs and small shelters. You can call the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPTC) to get the Mahé route and schedule information weekdays from 8 to 4, or pick one up at the terminal for free.


Seychelles Public Transport Corporation. 428–0280; www.sptc.sc.

Seychelles Taxi Operators Association. 251–9355; www.seychelles.net.

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