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Travel by boat between Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue is easy and relatively cheap. The Cat Coco ferry connects Mahé and Praslin, and takes about the same time as the flight (factoring in the need to arrive 45 minutes before a flight). About one hour one-way, the ferry runs three times a day, for about US$65 one-way (about $83 in the upper air-conditioned lounge). Children under 12 pay half. Book through the ferry or a travel agent at least a day in advance during high season. Free shuttles to and from the airport are sometimes available.

To get to La Digue, Cat Coco runs one ferry a day from Mahé (via Praslin) and twice on Sunday (about 90 minutes, about US$80 one-way). You can also take a Cat Coco ferry to La Digue from Praslin, which runs about seven departures daily in each direction from about 7 to 5 (US$17 one-way, about 20 minutes). The ride can be a bit bumpy during the southeast monsoon. Book ahead through your hotel or tour operator.


Cat Cocos Catamaran. 432–4843; 432–4844;

Inter-Island Ferry Co. 423–2394; 423–2329;

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