Muscat Sports & Activities

Uncover sports & activities in Muscat with our insider's guide.

Auto Racing

Karting at the Oman Automobile Association. Officially affiliated with the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the governing...


Quad Bikes at Bousher Dunes. A towering sand dune in central Muscat is a popular destination for 4x4 enthusiasts who don't feel like making...

Ice Skating

Fun Zone. Next to Qurum Natural Park the Fun Zone complex houses a popular ice-skating rink; however, if you don't have a yearning to glide...

Scuba Diving

Lua Lua Diving and Adventure. Offering both certification classes (for everyone from first-timers to PADI masters) and pleasure dives, Lua...

Water Sports

Sifawy Marina. About an hour south of Muscat, the marina in Jebel Sifa, in front of the Sifawy Hotel, offers the most comprehensive lineup...


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