When to Go

Peak Season: May to October

The rainy season subsides in May as the cooler, drier season sets in, meaning clear skies, sunshine and a significant drop in humidity. Temperatures hover between 24 and 30ºC (75 and 85ºF), though nights are cooler. Southern hotels and resorts are popular during this season, as are safaris, since this is when animals congregate around watering holes.

Off Season: December to March

Temperatures rise and humidity soars during the height of the rainy season, from January to April. It’s hot, hot, hot. Expect temperatures in the low to mid-30s C (high 80s and 90s F). At Christmastime and New Year's, resorts and beach hotels are popular with tourists from other African nations, despite the heat and humidity. December, January, and February are very hot and there are often cyclones during this period. Keep up-to-date with weather reports and talk to the locals who always are aware of potential bad weather.

Shoulder Season: April, November

This is the transitional season: rains begin in November and start tapering off into April.

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