Health and Safety

Malaria is a health concern in Mozambique, so be vigilant about applying bug spray, wearing protective clothing, and consider taking malaria prophylaxis. Consult with your doctor or travel clinic before leaving home for up-to-date anti-malarial medication. Most hotels have mosquito nets in rooms. If you find yours has holes in it, ask for another one.

Although the AIDS epidemic has started to level off in Mozambique, an estimated 1.6 million people are living with HIV or AIDS. The golden rule is never to have sex with a stranger.

It's imperative to use strong sunscreen, to hydrate, and to wear a sun hat. Remember you’re not far from the equator, where the sunshine is most direct. It's often best to go out early in the morning, come in over lunchtime and go out again in the afternoon.

Stick to bottled water (cheap and freely available) and ensure that the bottle seal is unbroken. Buy from the local corner store or vendor because hotels pump up the prices. Wear beach shoes on the beach and wear shoes in towns. Don’t pet stray dogs as they may have rabies. Put your personal medications in your carry-on and bring copies of prescriptions. Pharmacies are few and far between and often poorly stocked. Check with your health-care provider to see what vaccinations might be necessary for your destination; you may need a yellow-fever certificate if you arrive via another African country.

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