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With its long stretch of coastline it's no surprise that seafood takes front and center in Mozambique. Whether served in a hearty stew with rice, delicately seasoned with aromatic spices, dried or smoked, the fresh bounty of the sea is central to the national diet. European influences are everywhere, especially in the port city of Maputo, where you'll find Portuguese butter tarts and red and white

Vinho Verde (young wine). A melting pot of Indian, Arab, and Chinese influences abound. You’ll quickly become addicted to fresh pao—traditional Portuguese bread rolls baked several times a day. And you’ll certainly enjoy Mozambique's abundant tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, pineapple, and more. Service is mostly very relaxed and can be quite slow. There are very few chain restaurants outside of Maputo. A local cocktail, Tipo Tinto—rum usually mixed with raspberry juice—can be quite strong. Drink it with caution.

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