Morocco's northern Atlantic coast is its center of seafood par excellence. Along the entire coast the menus are remarkably similar: salades (salads), crevettes (prawns), friture de poisson (fried fish and octopus), calamar (squid), and various kinds of fish. Fruits de mer are always shellfish and prawns, not fish. In addition to seafood, Casablanca and Rabat offer many types of international cuisine—Italian and other Mediterranean restaurants, as well as Asian and even American eateries—and, of course, traditional Moroccan fare and French cuisine. Although it's tempting to think you can find good Moroccan restaurants anywhere, the best ones on this stretch of the coast are really limited to Casablanca and Rabat. (Moroccans eat Moroccan cuisine in the home, so when they dine out, they tend to want something more unusual.)

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