Known primarily for its proximity to the ruins of the ancient town of Lixus, Larache is worth a stop for a stroll along the Balcon Atlantico, a seaside promenade that runs along the rocky shore. There are numerous cafés on the promenade where you can enjoy a fruit drink. Another enjoyable walk is to French writer Jean Genet's grave in the Catholic Cemetery just south of the medina. It's near the Muslim graveyard, which boasts decorative tile graves and dramatic views.

Larache's sleepy plaza feels like Spain all over again. Many of the people in this town grew up speaking Spanish as their first language and even attending Spanish Catholic schools—a few nuns still live here. Visible from afar, the 16th-century Geubibat Fort sits atop the highest cliff in Larache. The mouth of the snaking Loukos River is the fabled site of the Garden of Hesperides where Hercules picked his golden apples.

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