Tnine de l'Ourika

Tnine de l'Ourika is a small village easily explored on foot, with its Monday souk ranking among the best in the region. Aside from that, the only thing to see is the local zaouia (sanctuary) and the ruins of an ancient kasbah. However, there are two must-see sights nearby.

To get to either Nectarome or La Safranière (two magnificent gardens), take the left turn at Ourika for the road that heads for Tnine de l'Ourika and Dar Caid Ourika. The turn is signposted to both Nectarome and La Safranière, but easy to miss. La Safranière is down one of the first left turns down a small track (signposted); Nectarome is also a left, a little farther up (also signposted); then through a gate on the left after a few minutes' drive. Any local can give directions. If you are looking to take a break in Ourika, have a cool drink on the terrace of the stunning Kasbah Bab Ourika, which perches above the village.

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