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The Egged bus cooperative provides regular service from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa to Nazareth, Beit She'an, Afula, and Tiberias. There’s no direct service from Ben Gurion International Airport; change in Tel Aviv or Haifa. There are several buses an hour from Tel Aviv to Afula (2 hours). Egged Bus 825 (yashir, or "direct") is quickest. Express bus 821 stops at major stations en route. SuperBus 354 from Afula Central Bus Station to Nazareth (20 minutes) runs once an hour. The Egged 442 and 541 buses leave frequently, every 20 minutes, and continue from Afula to Tiberias (about an hour). The Kavim line 411 and 412 link Afula to Beit She'an (every 30 minutes).

To get from Haifa to Tiberias, take Egged Bus 430 (about an hour), which leaves hourly from Merkazit Hamifratz. From the same Haifa station, the slow SuperBus buses leave two or three times an hour for Afula. Buses from Jerusalem to Beit She'an and Tiberias (Egged Buses 961, 966 to Beit She'an; 961, 962 to Tiberias) depart a few times a day; change in Beit She'an for Afula, where you change again for Nazareth. The ride to Beit She'an is about two hours, to Tiberias another 25 minutes. Nazareth Transport and Tourism runs Bus 431, which connects Nazareth and Tiberias about once every hour.

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