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Luxor is rife with taxis, usually six-seater Peugeot station wagons, but prices are the highest in Egypt. You can travel the length of the Corniche for about £E20; shorter trips cost £E10. Although prices can fluctuate from driver to driver, check with the tourist office or at your hotel to find out what the fixed rates are to all destinations. Several hotels publish set prices for the taxis they use, and drivers know they must adhere to the terms. Even around town, everyone knows the going rates, especially the taxi drivers; still, it's a good idea to agree to a price before you set out, especially if you are picking up a taxi on the street away from a major hotel. Tipping just a couple of extra pounds, depending on the length of the journey, is customary.

If you decide to take a taxi to the West Bank, the ride plus up to four hours of touring and waiting time on the West Bank costs about £E40 to £E50 per hour.

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