World Cup Fever

Planning Your World Cup Trip to Brazil
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Planning Your Trip to Brazil

Fodor's World Cup travel guide provides all the information you need to successfully plan your trip to Brazil.

Anticipation is building for the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. After the qualifying draw in December, it's time for fans to start planning their trips: hotels, logistics, and tickets. The World Cup games will take place in 12 cities spread across this continent-size nation.

If you plan to crisscross the country while following your national team, you can arrange travel to Brazil through sports-events trip organizers such as Roadtrips or through national team fan clubs such as Sam's Army, which follows the U.S. team. Purchasing pre-set packages with organizations like these allows you to buy World Cup accommodations and airline tickets in bulk, likely giving you a better deal than you'd get on your own.

But if you intend to pick a city or part of the country to catch a few World Cup games and soak up the atmosphere—or if you're set on booking your own travel to Brazil—a little early thinking will save you some headaches and travel dollars.

World Cup Hotels

One of your biggest concerns will be where to stay. In spite of the 147 new hotels erected for the World Cup 2014, finding a room will be tough. Book as soon as you know the cities you plan to visit. Fodor’s Brazil experts recommend 136 hotels across the 12 World Cup host cities.

In addition to hotels and pousadas—smaller, often family-run establishments—it's worthwhile to look into room rentals. The idea of hosting foreigners has started to catch on in Brazil over the past few years, and a number of sites offer accommodations throughout the country: AirBNB, Cama e Café, and, to name a few. With these, it always pays to read the comments of previous guests and make sure your hosts are well reviewed.

Useful Websites for the World Cup 2014

The official FIFA website

The official Brazilian World Cup website

Brazil Tourism Board World Cup website