Congratulations to bobthenavigator!

The Community has spoken and bobthenavigator is our Ultimate Fodorite, with 36% of the votes. Bob's vast travel knowledge and kind, helpful advice has helped countless Fodorites plan their ideal trip to Italy, Salzburg, and many places in between. We're looking forward to welcoming Bob and his guest to New York City for Fodor's 75th Anniversary Celebration on March 21, 2011 (and reading his inevitable trip report.)

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bobthenavigator Member since January 2003

A few words from Bob:

I would first like to thank Fodors for sponsoring what is clearly the best travel Forum on the web. This community has proven to be a major asset for those seeking travel advice from more experienced travelers worldwide. We have been fortunate to have traveled 26 times to Europe—16 of those to Italy—and hopefully have made a small contribution to the knowledge base.

And, I want to thank the Fodorites who have recognized my contributions over the past 15 years. Yes, some of us were actually hanging out as early as 1996.

We have seen the community shift demographically over that time, but the mission has remained constant—to help fellow travelers.

Bobthenavigator and our other finalists are also receiving their choice of a Fodor's iPhone App, Gold Guide, or e-book, plus a badge on their profile page designating them as an Ultimate Fodorite Finalist.

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Thanks to everyone who participated. We're looking forward to a great 75th Anniversary Celebration!