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Signs Along the Way
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Signs Along the Way

At home we take most signs for granted, barely noticing them unless they happen to be lit up in pink neon, mention a monetary fine, or provide directions. On the road, especially in more exotic parts of the world, spotting interesting signs is great fun. Pictures of signs can identify locales, mark progress, provide information, or even just make people laugh.

Familiar-looking signs in other languages, such as a French stop sign saying ARRÊT, are also attention grabbers. If you're traveling in a place where languages change frequently, as in Europe, try building a collection of similar signs in several languages.

Another way to use signs is to mark progress in your travel album. Look especially for signs that announce dramatic locales, city limits, unusual town names, or driving distances. Signs that recall trip highlights, such as hotel banners or names of famous museums, are also useful as props or backgrounds for posing your companions. Photographing historical markers, if you can read the language, is a good way to remember details of a historic place or event.

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