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Shooting Accessories
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Shooting Accessories

When putting together a budget for buying a camera, remember to include these important accessories.

Camera cases. Travel is tough on photo equipment, so it's a good idea to buy some type of case for protecting it. The size and style will depend on how much equipment you own. A small waist pouch is convenient for small point-and-shoot cameras, but if you're toting a hefty DSLR and a couple of lenses, a dozen rolls of film, a flash, and a few special-effects filters, you are probably a good candidate for a shoulder bag.

Buy a shoulder bag that is comfortable when fully loaded and provides easy access to the gear inside. The main compartment should open and close using an oversize zipper or hook-and-eye fasteners and should keep the contents secure even if the bag turns upside down. Weather protection is important, too; at least one manufacturer makes bags with built-in rain hoods—great if you're trekking to wet climates.

Pint-sized mini tripods are a good alternative to lugging a full-sized camera support, and they provide good stability for point-and-shoots when you're shooting low-light or night shots. A good alternative is to place your camera on a rolled-up sweater or jacket resting on a car fender or stone wall.

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