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Researching Your Trip
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Researching Your Trip

One of the most important aspects of photographing a trip has nothing to do with cameras or lenses or memory cards but rather the time you spend researching before you go. Studying a place and planning a shooting itinerary will vastly enhance the number and quality of the photo opportunities you encounter. You probably won't get to every idea on your list, but at least you won't miss any hidden gems.

The best way to learn about a place is to read everything you can find on it—travel magazines, Sunday newspaper travel sections, guidebooks, and the Internet are all excellent sources of ideas and practical information. Also, photo-sharing sites like and are great resources because you can see what other traveling photographers have shot in a particular place. Just enter the name of the place (or the type of place: "national wildlife refuges") and you'll find thousands of images.

Don't overlook the most obvious resource—the public library. Libraries are overflowing with atlases, books, journals and maps of virtually every location on earth.

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