Trip Reports

How do I post a trip report?

We love reading trip reports and know that many of you do too. To write a report, start a new topic in the forums, and be sure to tag the topic as a trip report. Topics designated as trip reports feature a trip-report icon that makes them easy to spot. Every forum has a selection of the most recent trip reports posted in that forum. You’ll see trip reports relevant to specific country or state tags if you drill down to that level. For instance, a trip report posted in the United States forum and tagged “California” will appear in two places—on the United States forum main page and on the California tag page. We recommend that you limit your report to one topic instead of breaking it up into numerous new topics. You can start your report on one topic and then add to it by clicking the “Add a reply” button.

What makes a good trip report?

There’s no one way to write a report, but these tips might help you.

  1. Share a little bit about yourself.
    Information about you, your background, and your travel style is appreciated by other travelers. Did you travel with your family? A friend? Solo? Why did you choose this destination?
  2. Provide an overview.
    Although it’s certainly not required, starting your report with a quick rundown of your itinerary gives readers a bird’s-eye view of your trip.
  3. Use paragraphs and punctuation.
    Lengthy reports that aren’t broken into paragraphs and don’t include punctuation are difficult to read.
  4. Divide your report into sections with headings.
    For instance, you might wish to title a reply “Day 2 – Rome.” This makes it easier for readers to follow, especially if your report is long. You can use basic HTML to make these headers bold (<b>) or italic (<i>). For instance, if you enter <b>Day 2 – Rome</b> the resulting post would be Day 2 – Rome.
  5. Show us your photos.
    Fodor’s doesn’t currently provide a way for you to upload photos to illustrate your report, but we encourage you to link to your photos on other photo-sharing sites. Be sure you review the privacy settings of the photo-sharing site where your photos reside.
  6. Tag your report.
    When you start your report, be sure to tag it with the appropriate destination. Check the trip-report box to confirm that your topic is a trip report.