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Fodor's 80 Degrees: Find Your Best Beach Vacation Spots for 2012

Fodor's 80 Degrees by the Sea is our new beach vacation finder that helps you identify your perfect seaside escapes by taking a photo quiz. Just choose the images that suit your travel style and tastes, and we'll deliver your customized recommendations.
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Most Innovative Earphones for Your Trip—Plus Sweepstakes
Once you've seen—and heard—these next-generation earbuds, each with a distinctive form and function, you definitely won't want to forget them on your next trip.
Arts & Culture  
Top 8 Destinations in Oscar-Nominated Films
Travel takes a front-seat view in many of this year’s Academy Award-nominated films, transporting you from exotic Bangkok to the old train stations of Paris and London. We've got the most memorable film locations to inspire you.
San Francisco  
San Francisco's Best New Restaurants
San Francisco's ever-evolving restaurant scene just keeps getting better, as demonstrated by these five foodie hot spots, all of which have debuted within the last 18 months.
Trip Ideas  
5 Great Girlfriend Getaways
From a New York shopping weekend to a cocktail-themed New Orleans escape, grab your favorite gals for an estrogen-fueled vacation to remember. These trip ideas will help you make it happen.
News Roundup
Two Cruise Ships Debut Exotic Russian Itineraries | The Shelborne Reborn in South Beach | JetBlue, Southwest Airlines Raise Fares; Others Follow
Smart Travel Tip of the Day
Avoid a major mix-up in Martinique with this tip.
Top Travel Deals – Editor's Picks

Flights to Germany on Sale Roundtrip incl. Tax

Exotic Cities on Top Airline (Roundtrip w/Tax)

7-Night European Cruises, over 50% Off

Island Getaway: Deals to Aruba up to 40% Off
Aruba Tourism Authority

Mexico Sale Fares from Miami (R/T incl. Tax)

New York Fares to/from California (each way)
Virgin America

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Photo credit: Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism

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