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Forums | Destinations | Travel Deals | Travel News October 12, 2011

Winter Cruise Preview

Gearing up for a busy winter season, cruise lines are jockeying for the spotlight—even teaming up with celebrities—hoping for bookings. Check out our preview of the latest cruising news before you start planning. Read full story »

This Week's Top Travel News

What's New in Las Vegas
Like any true icon, Sin City is constantly reinventing itself. But for a destination that literally sprung out of the desert, Vegas takes new to another level. Here's the best of what's on and off the Strip. More »

Paris' Top New Restaurants
The health of the Paris dining scene is clear from the city's ever-growing constellation of brilliant modern bistros, created by a new generation of talented young chefs. More »

5 Best Free Travel Apps
Destination-based apps are great for exploring cities, but these can help you with everything from booking the best flight to locating the nearest bathroom. The bonus: they're all free. More »

The Most Underrated Caribbean Islands
Looking for an island vacation this winter but don't want to be hassled by crowds? Escape the cold by straying off the beaten path for some fun in the sun in the Caribbean's most spectacular—and underrated—islands. More »

News Brief Roundup: Open Date for Barnes Foundation in Philly | This Week's Hotel Update | TSA Starts Speedy Screening at Four Airports

Smart Travel Tip of the Day: You'll want to hit the cash machine before visiting this popular kids attraction in Germany.

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Guidebook: Las Vegas Mobile App: Paris ebook: Switzerland
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Photo Credit: Norwegian Breakaway Courtesy Norwegian Cruise Line

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